Being at the Expo – Overland Expo West 2016

The Overland Expo officially starts Friday morning. A lot of people arrive on Thursday,  though, and there are meetings and such for the instructors, so I make sure I’m there before registration opens Thursday afternoon. I try to wait for the first rush to wrap up, there is always a huge line when they open, but this time the line just kept getting longer and longer, so I joined in and waited. In the sun.

Since OX is one of the few times a large number of overlandy types get together, there are always group photos. I will freely admit I try and dodge these, but that doesn’t stop me from snapping a few.


Simon doesn't take long


















Of course, the whole point of the expo is walking around and looking at all the stuff. Well, and there are a lot, I mean a lot of sessions you can sit in on, covering everything from winching your truck out of a ditch to the paperwork you need for border crossings to what you should have in your kitchen (motorcycle hint – camp with expedition trucks when possible, they have all the good food).

I had a lot of sessions I was teaching, and I had a table in the Author Tent, so I didn’t get to walk around as much as I’d like.




































Sunday morning many, well some, of the exhibitors set up for breakfast. You never really know what will be on offer, or where it will be It’s just a matter of walking around and looking. The South Africa sausage is usually available, though.

DSC 1055

DSC 1076


















There were also bacon sandwiches at the 7P area, but I was too busy eating them to take any pictures. Sorry, you’ll just have to go next year.

DSC 1091










Trying to answer the annual question “How many women fit on a ural?”

DSC 1100










I think it was 12. Might have been 11. It was a new record, though.

CSC was also working on my motorcycle, and in the mean time they let me use one of the ones they’d brought to the expo for their booth. It was a nice, silver, 2016. I loading it up with my stuff for the packing talks, and otherwise just road it here and there. Rabbit was back on Saturday, with a new engine and ready to go – well other than needing a new break in. I was still happy.

Sunday is always a little sad. There are goodbyes, a lot of people pull out first thing in the morning. In the evening, after the last sessions, there is a large BBQ and we all pretend we aren’t splitting up the next morning. But we do.

Since I had to break in a new engine I decided to stay in the Flagstaff area Monday to get some miles and then do the first service. Since I usually had to service Curiosity when I arrived there, I knew where to take things like used oil, so I thought it made sense.

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