Continuing East – Overland Expo West 2016 Part Five

Once I reached Oklahoma staying on Route 66 became more important. My route now followed I-44, the toll road, and where I’d broken down on the way west. I didn’t want anything to do with that highway, and anyway I knew that 66 through Oklahoma was going to be prettier than the desert I’d been in.

DSC 1171

DSC 1173

Most of the Oklahoma section was two lane black top, and I thought this was probably the high point of the old 66 – smooth roads winding through hills and towns.

Along the side of the road there was a small, brick building and I almost missed the small “Motorcycle Museum” sign. I quickly made a u-turn and stopped.

DSC 1228

Inside were a couple rooms, crammed with motorcycles. There didn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to it, but that didn’t really matter. There were still cool pieces, though the display was a bit of a mess.

DSC 1190

DSC 1192

DSC 1206

I spent an hour or so looking around, chatting with the owner (who was also the only employee). Most of the back room were dirt bikes that had been used hard and put away, and since it was also less crammed I wondered if he was still using those, and then which others were still running. Most looked like they could be gotten out on the road in short order.

I wasn’t quite down with the Route 66 strangeness though.

DSC 1235

I wanted to camp again, and started looking for parks which might work. There were a couple and I headed for one on a lake. I like lakes. When I started to get into the area, the sky grew dark and the roads started to be wet. I was heading east, so normally any storms would be in front of me, but that didn’t mean on the plains. I pulled over and looked at the radar to find the park I was headed for was getting hammered with a thunderstorm. I decided to wait for it to pass.

DSC 1237

Once it was clear I headed in, got a site, and set up my hammock (with the rain fly this time). It was hot and muggy so I had a cold dinner and got in touch with Sue, my wife, who was riding her motorcycle south along the Great River Road. We were hoping to meet in St Louis and finish the ride home together, but she thought she was too far north to reach St Louis the next day as planned. I decided I would head to Hannibal, MO instead and meet her there. It was a bit further for me, and a but shorter for her, so it would work out. Then I went to sleep.

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