The World in a Weekend – Horizons Ontario 2017 Part Three

I have a problem.
I know that I do, and I’ve even mentioned it before. I am terrible – simply awful, at taking enough pictures at events like this. I get caught up in the people and the things, and talking. I am there to talk and meet people and try to get everyone out and traveling.
Since I was carrying a dedicated camera I tried to keep it with me all the time, so I could get some pictures when I thought about it. In a way, having the camera helped some, since it being on my shoulder or hand reminded me that I should snap a quick picture of whatever cool thing was going on at the time.
And one thing about these events is that there are always cool things going on.
There were a few areas available for camping, each with a fire ring. Unsurprisingly, the one closest to the dining hall was the fullest – and generally had the biggest party after dark. Sue and I stayed a little further way, there was a spot on the beach we couldn’t quite pass up on.
 The dining room had a wall filled with the bios for the instructors, as well as the classes being offered. The times and locations were elsewhere, and updated as things changed over the weekend.
A rare picture of one of my packing classes – Sue took it from the woods while I wasn’t looking.
Of course – the classes are the things that make HU events more than camping. They run all day, and Ontario had several class rooms. You could sit in one and watch the instructors come and go, or hop around to try and see specific topics. Medical emergencies, packing, border crossing, photography, it was all there.
 The food plan was awesome, plentiful, and worth it. Assuming you came hungry.
And Clinton Stout showed off on a big beemer – it was a excellent demo on learning to control one of the things, but we all know small bikes are better.
Sunday morning came, and it was time to go. Sue and I packed up and planned our route home. It wasn’t a hard choice not to go through Chicago again, so we were headed for Sault St Marie and the Upper Peninsula.
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