By The North Road – Horizon’s Unlimited Ontario Part Four

Sue didn’t want to go through Chicago (which I couldn’t blame her for), so we decided to loop around and come through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan instead. Its about the same distance, but smaller roads and usually take a few hours longer in driving time.

We stayed one more night in Canada, just because, and were introduced to dessert nachos.


After recovering from our sugar comas the next morning, we crossed the border at Sault St Marie into Upper Michigan, and reminded ourselves for every dessert nachos there are several meals in gas station parking lots.


We didn’t have enough time to wander a lot (or even enough, really), but Tahquamenon Falls is something you have to see. Sue hadn’t gone yet, so I was more than happy to show it to her.

There are really two falls, the upper and lower. Each has it’s own parking, and there is a trail linking them but I decided to ride from one to the other rather than walk. I like hiking, and have done this one, but we didn’t have to whole day and it was getting hot.




When we were ready to get back on the bikes and leave the falls a family came up to us and started asking about the bikes. They were on bicycles, and were thinking about getting motorcycles for travel with their kids – so we had things to say.

The rest of the trip home was mainly a matter of logging miles and staying awake. I have to admit it was much nicer than the southern route, so I think it will be the new standard.

I only had a couple weeks before getting back on the road for Overland Expo East.

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