Where I press the fast forward button

So, Sue and I got back from Ontario and, a few weeks later, hit the road with her two girls, two motorcycles, and an RV named Cliff. For while, I was going to be posting that trip here, but I changed my mind. While we did have motorcycles and road a lot, it wasn’t really a motorcycle trip. So, it’s going to be in it’s own blog over here.

I also have a new hub-type site, which links to all the other little, and not so little, stuff I have going on, online. Of particular interest to any motorcyclists, check out The Minimal Motorcyclist, which get all the how-to stuff, reviews, and the other nuts and bolts parts of small, inexpensive motorcycle travel. 

So what is the plan for Traveling250? Just travel reports – especially reports where I get to ride motorcycles. Of course, I am technically at home now in the Midwest, which isn’t known for it’s fine winter motorcycling, but I have other trips to cover in the mean time, and if you get impatient waiting for a post here go and check out the other sites. Also, there is the Facebook page Going Small, so you can ask questions or learn where and what I am planning next.


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