Friends and Museums – Spring Road Trip 2017

It wasn’t far from Appomattox to my friend’s house in Northeast Georgia, and I spent a few days catching up. It had been a few years since we’d been together in real life, so that was good. Her family has an art gallery, with a craft shop and framing store attached. I spent a lot of time there because there was good wifi, and it was a place we could chat.

Yarn bear - I'll keep Blue thanks

As a reminder for people just joining us, I was using a 35mm film camera for this trip, Minolta X370 with Fuji Superia (either 200 or 400iso).

After a few days it was time to get moving again, and my goal was Barber. But, a chance conversation in a diner in Georgia added a stop. There’s a place called Stone Mountain, near Atlanta. Some of the locals there were complaining that liberals wanted to dynamite the mountain, which had been carved by Gutzon Borglum – the same guy who carved Mount Rushmore. By the way, the comment about liberals wanting to dynamite the mountain wasn’t true. One democrats wanted to add material to the existing monument to explain why the north was fighting, and make it less of a “Glorious Defeat.” Having gone there, I kind of see the point (though I am a northerner). Walking around and reading all the signs, there isn’t a mention of slavery or any of the political maneuvering that happened before shots were fired. I know that winners wrote the history that I read, so I guess it was interesting to see a different view.

Okay, that's a carving

Then I was threw Atlanta and to Birmingham. I found a tentspace on ADVrider which was really close to the museum and really awesome. I mean – look at this view.


I’d been to Barber before, but it’s still somewhere to stop whenever you get the chance. Oddly enough, when I posted that I was going there (maybe I was there already, I don’t remember), my lovely wife got a little up. Going to Barber had been something we’d been planning to do together for a while. She was sad that I’d gotten there without her.

If you haven’t been to Barber’s museum, and you like motorcycles or motorsports, then you need to go. It’s really that simple. It remains my favorite motorcycle museum in North America.

I had two nights at my campsite, so I didn’t have to pack up and move on after the museum and could spend the whole day there. I was glad I did that, actually. The morning I did get back on the road was cool and rainy. I had a lot of small roads to ride on to get onto US highway 82, which I was going to take most of the way west. Going up a hill, Curiosity died.

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