It’s Not A Wrong Turn – Spring Road Trip 2017

Since I don’t always remember, I’ll mention this right from the top. All the pictures in this post – and most of this ride report – were taken with a film camera. The camera in question is a Minolta X370, and the film Fuji Superia of various ISO (200 or 400).

Okay. When I got married in 2016 (Hi Sue!) she came with a family. That seems obvious to a lot of you, so you will have to just trust when when I say it doesn’t always work out that way. Anyway, some of that family (in 2017) were living in Albuquerque. Yes, that Albuquerque. I have to admit, I’ve never stayed in Albuquerque, only passed through it or stopped to look at something (like the petroglyphs). Since they were living there and had a guest room, and Curiosity was due for service…well you get the idea.

I didn’t have a full on plan of what to do while I was there, other than hang out and see them and service the bike and see some stuff. So, no plan at all. Their place was nice. Living in the Midwest for most of my life (of living anywhere), the difference of the architecture in the Southwest is always interesting.

No Air-conditioning.

One thing that surprised me is the lack of A/C. It seems like a no-brainer. Central air for everyone! But, a lot of the residences have this cool air thing on the roof. It’s probably more environmentally friendly, and I guess it’s quieter. The roar of 200,000 central air units would probably be a bit much.

I arrived a little early, and they were still at work. “They,” by the way, were Andrew and Paige. They are the nephew and niece-in-law of my wife, so I guess they were my nephew-in-law and niece-in-law-in-law, or something. Well, I had extra time and spent it walking around Nob Hill, which is an artsy area near the University.



I have no idea

Anyway, they set me up in a nice guest room and a shower (I love showers. Hot running water is the best thing ever), and I got into normal person clothes. We hung out and chatted and went to dinner, though everyone agreed we wouldn’t be doing that every night (cuz you know, money). It was nice to catch up, Andrew and Paige are good people.

They also had suggestions on things I should be doing, while I was in town. Old Town was high on their list of places to see, even though they hadn’t been there yet. The next day, while they had to work (I felt a little bad) I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and went for a walk around town. The train station was cool.

I want to take a train trip, someday

Even though I’d just had the Old Town tip, I wanted to spend a full day there. So, I walked around the University area some more. This also meant I had time to work on the bike, before I had to get back on the road.

Alien plants? Are they recruiting the bees for takeover plans?

Thats a house

But, I did get to Old Town, don’t worry.

My last night there, we went to a soccer game. Andrew and Paige were in a league, and I thought it would be fun to watch. I like soccer, but that night. Well, it was cold (Cold for me, for the desert SW it was probably freezing), and drizzling. We got a nice rainbow out of it, but it wasn’t a physically comfortable time to sit and watch.

Nice view

It was a nice location, but in the morning I was on the road for that last ride down I-40 to Flagstaff.

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