Down I-65 Again – Horizons Unlimited North Carolina

I love HU events. I really do. They are entertaining, the people are cool, and getting to hang out in the smokies is usually a pretty good time.

In 2017, due to scheduling things, Horizons Unlimited had two events going the same weekend. That isn’t usual, and I had been planning on going to the Ontario event (rather than the NC one). A few things happened, kinda last minute, and going to NC worked out better. Also, when I switched, I was keenly aware that the weather in North Carolina in the fall is generally better than the weather in Ontario (sorry, but true).

I had spent a lot of time on I-65 in 2017, and I was getting a little tired of it. Normally I’d get off the interstate and look for some state roads, but I had a lot of work going on at the same time in Milwaukee, and the extra few days away was going to be a struggle. So, the interstate, but I kept my eyes open for things to stop and look at, which I might have passed on other trips. One was Danial Boone’s Tavern in Kentucky.

Looks more up-scale than I'd expected

A quick note, I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy shooting film. On this trip I brought a Koni-Omega Rapid from the late 50s or early 60s. It’s a “press” camera, which I think has more to do with form than anything else. Well, and it can shoot a roll of film very quickly. I don’t usually go that fast when shooting film, since the process is supposed to slow me down.

I don’t exclusively shot film while traveling, though, since I also have an iPhone and it takes some pretty good pictures. During this ride report, the pictures in black and white images from film, and the color are digital. So, now you know.

I’d stopped at Boone’s Tavern in Berea Kentucky. There was a conference going on, and the place was fancy.

I didn’t see a lot of people, only the signs for where things were going to be. Actually, the whole town was pretty dead. I guess there is a university right next to the ‘tavern,’ (which didn’t appear to actually have a tavern inside), but even that didn’t have a lot of people about. Maybe it wasn’t in session yet. The few blocks around the tavern had a little shops, including a sweet dulcimer place.

I don't know how to play a dulcimer, but I like how they sound

It seemed like an oddly niche market, but it also looked like it had been there for a while. I hope it still is.

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2 Responses to Down I-65 Again – Horizons Unlimited North Carolina

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Andrew, Are you going to try to attend the Ontario Rice Lake HUBB in late May? I’ve just finished repairing the plastics on the Honda 1988 NX250 with a mix of acetone and Lego pieces in white colour. It welds cracks and tabs on etc.Cheap way to fix ABS plastics. Got some engine guards and handlebar guards and a few maintenance chores when it gets warm. Way too cold to be working with steel or tools right now! Sue in Ontario. How do you handle safely storing your riding gear while touring sites??


    • Andrew Pain says:

      Hi Sue! When riding I wear a backpack (I know, not everyone can or is comfortable with one) with a hydration pack and all my personal stuff. When I stop, I use a bike cable lock to lock my helmet and jacket to the bike, and bring my backpack with me. I’ve always thought that a serious thief was going to steal something no matter what I did, so my goal has always been to prevent casual theft – everything is put away or strapped to the bike (usually in an inconvenient to remove way). Only the jacket and helmet usually gets locked. To date, I’ve never had anything taken (although it has been pointed out that my bike doesn’t look like it would have anything of value anyway!)

      I won’t be at HU Ontario this year, we’re going to the southwest as a family trip. Have fun and tell everyone I said Hello!


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