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Down I-65 Again – Horizons Unlimited North Carolina

I love HU events. I really do. They are entertaining, the people are cool, and getting to hang out in the smokies is usually a pretty good time. In 2017, due to scheduling things, Horizons Unlimited had two events going … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems and Rage – Horizons Unlimited Virginia 2015

While Sue was driving I looked for campgrounds we could stay at. Wisconsin was playing to make the March Madness finals, and Sue was excited to watch. That meant we needed somewhere with WiFi to stream the game, and we … Continue reading

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Sunrise and the Long Drive Home

I am, at the best of times, not a morning person. I mean, really at the best of times. So, after eating enough food for a week and then going to bed after midnight, I didn’t think Sue was serious … Continue reading

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Those Falls, and sleeping in parking lots

We drove west and west and west. It had been a late start, and we had a long way to go. It would’ve been hard on Curiosity, but with the RV and taking turns driving it wasn’t so bad. Well, … Continue reading

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