I like going to events – I especially enjoy the chance to encourage others to travel, and in particular to start traveling without inventing thousands and thousands in the latest and greatest travel – stuff I suppose. If you’d like me to come to an even feel feel to contact me from the link above. I love to travel and am will to take just about any excuse to go somewhere.

Below are the up and coming events at which I am appearing. Winter is closing it’s icy hand on the midwest at the time of this update, so I don’t know how much more I’ll be doing in 2014, but 2015 is coming!!

Overland Expo East I’ve attended Overland Expo in Arizona for the last two years, and will be at their first east coast event. I say East Cost, but it’s more Eastern USA, just south of Ashville NC. I will try to limit the amount of sweet tea I drink to reasonable levels.

OXEast runs from October 3rd through the 5th, and I will be giving talks on packing, budgeting, and eliminating all travel electronics, other than a modern smart phone. I’ll aloso be moderating a panel on travel hacks, and talking about overcoming the fear of solo travel with the incomparable Alison Delapp. Last I heard there were will tickets, and to see most of my talks you will have to be on Adventure Pass, rather than the weekend version. I will also be in the author tent with Going Small 2.0 and Going North available for sale.

Twisted Throttle – On October 9th (The Thursday after the Overland Expo) I’ll be appearing in Twisted Throttle’s Showroom Series as a travel speaking. There isn’t much on their website, though I am on the calender. I’ll be talking about travel through Ecuador and Peru, and if you are in the region stop by. Blue likes the attention.

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