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Care and Feeding of Motorcycles in the Winter

So, it’s November. For a hefty chunk of North America, this means winter is coming. Winter means cold and snow and ice, and it means motorcycles are put into the back of the garage until spring. Some people (okay, like … Continue reading

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Adding to the Pose

In 2013 I met a wonderful woman named Sue. She rode motorcycles, loved travel, and we connected at once. After some test road trips we discovered, not really a surprise to her but it was to me, that we enjoyed … Continue reading

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Getting Curiosity Back on the Road

The last half of the summer went by pretty quickly. Sue and I bought a house, which was a surprise to me (I hadn’t really ever planned to buy a house, but since we’ve gotten it I have writing space … Continue reading

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More Upgrades to the Little One

With my trip to the Overland Expo now about a week away, I am doing a few last minute things to Curiosity for the trip. A week or so ago the Regulator/Rectifier failed (I think it was on the way … Continue reading

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