Overland Expo-ing

I applied for the change to speak at the Overland Expo in Arizona this May. Despite what you might think, I really didn’t expect them to be interested. Amazingly, they were and I am on the schedule for three talks. Two on lightweight travel and one ride report on traveling through Ecuador and Peru.

While I don’t think of myself as particularly new to public speaking (I went college for Theater) I am oddly nervous over this presentation. Perhaps its just because this is a venue with people like Carla King, Austin Vince, Lois Pryce, and Ted Simon (among other luminaries of the adventure motorcycle and travel spectra). I mean, I would rather listen to any of them than me.
South America Panel
One thing I have learned in the last year, with the books and articles and talks, is that (despite what I think) there are people who want to hear what I have to say. People who can actually learn from my experiences and tips, even though nothing I have done or say feels all that amazing to me but still is to others. It’s an odd feeling, a sort of disconnect that I have a hard time always coming to terms with.
After getting over the shock of being accepted to speak, I started to get excited for the opportunity. I mean, in the United States, the Overland Expo is probably the biggest venue for adventure travel out there. Of course, there might only be five guys there for any of my talks (or perhaps all them together, though that is the “huh?” part of me talking) it will still be awesome.
If you haven’t signed up for the Overland Expo there are still tickets, both day passes and their Experience package, which includes camping, unlimited workshops and riding classes, day care and the closing BBQ (as well as a gift bag). The Experience is a lot more, but worth it.
And if you are there come and say hello to Blue and me. We’ll be around.
Blue Rubbing Elbows with the famous
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