A weekend away

She’s family has a property on Lake Buelah. When I first heard of it, and it’s boat house, I pictured a small, rundown building and tiny, seaweed encrusted lake. Since I’d met her in Fall and we hadn’t really started dating until winter was almost upon us, I hadn’t seen it until this summer. When we were packing up the last day of my return trip from OX14 west, she mentioned stopping there.
The property is now shared by her family. People request a week, but Sundays are open to everyone. That Sunday we stopped and I learned the “lake house,” was a two bedroom, full bath house above a two boat garage. There was a sail boat, pontoon, and speed boat (for waterskiing), as well as half a dozen smaller boats. There was a beach and large area for camping, a large fire pit, and an entire second house on top of the bluff.

Now that I’d seen the place, I was more interested in Sue’s week. She’s scheduled it during her break between chemo and radiation. With a bit of luck, the people who had scheduled the week before her had only been able to stay the weekend, so Sue’s time was extended a few days. I, of course, had to work, so I didn’t arrive until Friday when she and the girls had been there for a couple days.

I had a long weekend at the lake house, with an option to head back into town on Saturday for one of my friend’s stepson. He isn’t actually her stepson, but it’s complicated so we’ll leave it there.
I’d arrived mid afternoon, and there was swimming and boats. Well, tubes. The lake was already packed, so the boats stayed on their moorings. For dinner Sue loaded us all up and went to a local Italian place which had free ice cream for the girls, though older one noted this was her last year of qualification.
Back on the beach, a bonfire was started and wine opened. She had told me there were no Mosquitos, but I was attacked by them as the sun set. The fire helped keep them away, and after a couple glasses we headed in to bed.
In the morning there was bacon, then a boat ride so I could see the lake.


After the boat ride I headed back to Milwaukee for the graduation party. It was nice to get a ride in and see friends.


Back at the lake, Sue’s parents had friends over for a party. There was grilled food, a variety of pasta salad and fruits, and ice cream and cookies for dessert. Another fire, much larger, and s’mores ended the evening.

Sunday morning had the girls making a second kayak trip across the lake and creepy helicopter overflights.

After breakfast there was another boat ride, where I saw a sailboat regatta on one of the linked lakes. This made me take a long look at the small Barnett Butterfly that was the family sailboat. It looked a bit neglected, but I was pretty sure I could get it out it onto the lake. I used to sail all the time when I was younger, and had to fix up boats at summer camps during college. So, that would be my next project.

Curiosity, by the way, is still dripping oil. I’m going to need a replacement gasket, which I’ll order this week. The HU events are coming up, so it’s time to get cracking.

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