Another Test Trip

It seems more than a little silly, with the trip starting (or all intents and purposes, anyway) in a week and a half, to load up the bike and go on a test ride. But I have been wondering about using the hard luggage instead of the soft bags. It’s been wearing on my brain, and I decided I really needed to try it and see instead of just writing it off.

In case you were wondering, the ‘hard luggage’ is a pair of Vetter saddlebags and the truck that was standard on my SR250-T model. Without the camping stuff, it looks like this-

The only real advantage to the hard luggage is security, but that is a pretty serious advantage. So I loaded up the motorcycle and decided to go on an overnight trip. Naturally, I decided to go on the coldest night in a while, and right after the weather turned crappy.

One other thing I know I need to work on is taking pictures with me in them. I learned about that while at the Overland Expo, but really haven’t worked on it.

I had some chores to do in the morning, so didn’t actually leave until noon. Another new item for my trip are First Gear Mesh Overpants. I have used HT pants for years, but they are hot and I tend to strap them to the bike when it gets warm out. They are, of course, much less effective in a crash that way. I am hoping I will wear the mesh pants more often, and I want to avoid the bitter cold anyway.

The mesh pants were definitely chillier when I rolled away from home in 45f. I stopped to add a layer, but didn’t actually need to hook up heat. As I headed away from the lake it warmed up some (Almost to 60f!).

My mother came from Cambria. Since my father came from England, if my family came from anywhere on this continent it would be there. Also, since my father died in 2007 (That was a crappy year all around), he is buried there and I thought I would swing past.

And, since I am trying to take pictures with me in them, one of the Cambria sign

I stayed on two lane roads, and found the further north I went the warmer it got. I was liking the warmer. Of course, I still stopped for pictures

Of course, the point of the whole trip was testing the hard luggage. I do like the security, but they add about 30 pounds to the weight of the bike. Also, the way I’ve been packing my tent and sleeping bag doesn’t seem to work as well. I could probably work out a new system, but I don’t think I have the time left before I leave.

I am not home yet, and will still think on it. I do like the idea of hard luggage, but just don’t see it working on the little bike without a lot more time invested than I have anymore. But at least now I know, right?

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2 Responses to Another Test Trip

  1. Kless says:

    I’m currently using soft luggage (not sure if I want to make the switch to hard) but it’s something I’ve thought about. My thinking is that with soft luggage I can easily bring it inside my tent at night. This doesn’t eliminate risk of theft in regards to stopping for supplies though, with the bike unattended to out in the parking lot:( Either way I would figure that either/or won’t make a big difference in the end, as long as your soft luggage is waterproof. Wolfman luggage seems to have great stuff/recommended on adventure riding forums I’m looking into it myself. Right now I just have my northface pack+bungie-net &tank bag. Worked great on the 2 trips I took to Tennessee and North Carolina but your voyage is much more serious!


  2. Kless says:

    MORE POSTS!! (I know it’s only been a couple weeks)


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